About Me

~ Do more of what makes you happy. ~


I hope you're enjoying my site. I wanted to design a portfolio that not only showcases my work, but also shows more of my creative side and design skills. Most of my work is done in the corporate setting. (Contact me to view my private page.) Why did I adopt the lemon tree into my logo? For me, it represents light, warmth, freshness, joy, growth, and health.

I've always wanted to help people and design, so it's no surprise that both of my degrees are in health and design. But as everyone in my field knows, a degree is only the beginning. Most of what I know, I've taught myself and learned through years of experience and lots of practice. I'm a perpetual learner, learning something new just about everyday.

Design is my passion. Growing up, I enjoyed painting, organizing, collecting stamps, postcards and magazines. My favorite courses in school were design/art and language arts related. I feel truly blessed to be able to use art and technology to craft solutions that meet client goals, connect with their audience, and elevate their brands.

I design and develop experiences that are user-friendly, effective, and engaging.

Empathy is the cornerstone of any successful design project, and is a critical skill to understand and solve the needs and wants of users. I would consider myself a very empathetic and well-rounded person because of my background and life experiences. I come from a military family. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and now the Southeast. I've lived and traveled overseas. Throughout my career, I've worked with and befriended people of all different cultures and backgrounds, and in a wide variety of industries - military, healthcare, financial, hospitality, incentives & rewards, and marketing.

"Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes; to truly see the world through their eyes in a given context or situation.""

What I Do for Fun

Music is my other passion. I love dancing, singing, and playing the mandolin (Italian or Celtic style) when I can. I'm on my 7th year of BodyJam (a fusion of the hottest dance moves choreographed to the latest EDM, hip hop, and house music). I also enjoy outdoor activities like bike riding, and anything at the beach. I enjoy keeping my UI/UX skills current, enhancing my German skills, balcony gardening, trendy fashion, and traveling.